You can read more about our accessibility and medical protocols below.

Accessibility | Medical Enquiries FAQs

You can download our accessibility document HERE.
If you have any further queries regarding accessibility, please contact our team at:
If you prefer for us to call you, please provide your phone number via email.
Please make a member of staff aware and they will direct you to the Welfare and Medic Area. We have a dedicated Welfare and Medical area on site should you feel unwell.
Regardless of the cause of your ill-health, our staff are trained to be non-judgemental with your well being placed with the utmost importance.  Please let a member of staff know you feel unwell.

Yes – if you have any specific reasons for bringing prohibited items into the venue (for example, because you have a dietary or medical condition), please contact us prior to the event at

When you arrive onsite, please make security staff aware that you are bringing medical items in with you. Please contact us prior to the event and we can verify any items you need to bring on site.