60 Minutes with X, Mercedes

The new Mercedes X-Class was launched in the UK with an exceptional star-studded event at Printworks. Attending the event were TV celebrities, motoring journalists, top UK  influencers, press and of course Tinie Tempah who was the surprise live act on the night.

Dotted around the arena were six impeccable, awe-inspiring Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickups with one being transformed into a DJ booth and another acting as an assistant at the bar with its ice-packed loading area.

As the stopwatch hit 00:00 it was time for the legendary Tinie Tempah to take centre stage for a 60-minute set, playing all the old school classics and a couple of his more recent tracks.

Guests were seated at a 50-metre long table in the Press  Halls – the jewel in our crown. This space has retained original machinery and industrial features from when it was used to print papers 24-hours a day. The unique features of the space shone with flowers from Pinstripes and Peonies and production by Vibration Design and  Production. Guests enjoyed a lavish three-course dinner provided by caterer, Moving Venue.

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