Closing Weekend tickets will go on sale at 11:00 on Thursday 6th April (via the pre-sale).

Only those who have signed up to the Printworks newsletter by 10:00 on Thursday 6th April (latest), will receive an email with a pre-sale ticket link.

Sign up HERE.

From this time you will be able to join a holding queue ahead of the on sale at 11am.

At 11am sharp everyone will be randomly assigned a place in the queue.

Your position in the queue will not be impacted by how long you have been waiting on the site prior to 11am. However, if you join at 11:01 you will receive a position at the back of the queue.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to join the holding queue ahead of 11am to maximise your chance of getting tickets.

You can purchase a maximum of four tickets per booking.

We expect all tickets to sell out during the pre-sale.

Kaboodle is the only ticket provider selling tickets for the closing weekend, therefore any tickets purchased via other ticket providers will be counterfeit and will not be accepted.