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A hybrid venue is typically viewed as dry hire but with the ability to offer a ‘plug and play’ option.

Deciding on the most suitable venue for your event can be a tricky task and one we understand takes a lot of consideration. A brief we frequently receive is: ‘we are looking for something different’ with a common objective ‘to move away from a traditional convention centre’.

Printworks can initially seem daunting to some organisers with its expansive warehouses and industrial look and feel but we always urge our clients to embrace the venue’s factory aesthetic, its unique nature and popular status. Utilising the building’s key industrial features can result in lower production costs and provide an unprecedented experience that brands will struggle to replicate elsewhere. 

We understand there are dry hire venues of all shapes, sizes and offerings. Dry hire, as it is typically viewed, is a venue with no additional services available – without catering, furniture, entertainment or any production installation. Essentially, the Event Organiser hires the space as an empty shell and manages all aspects of content and delivery.

At Printworks, we consider ourselves different from a conventional dry hire events space – able to advise and provide essential services to bring your event to life by tapping into our preferred suppliers who offer AV, catering, staffing, entertainment, décor and facilities. This allows the perfect ‘plug and play’ event experience that many corporate event bookers feel comfortable with.

Our suppliers are companies we trust and have worked with for many years to deliver everything from award dinners, to exhibitions, Christmas parties, product launches, conferences and ticketed festivals across our venue portfolio and beyond. Working with these suppliers alleviates additional work that comes from tendering to multiple businesses and allows total control of all aspects across the event whilst benefiting from full assurance and guidance from expert teams who know the space as well as we do. However, we also understand the importance of using caterers and production agencies our clients have worked with previously, so we are happy to welcome external suppliers to work collaboratively alongside our partners. 

Dry hire venues are often associated with the term ‘blank canvas’, allowing organisers full creative control and flexibility to deliver their event. At Printworks we have regular requests from event companies to ‘paint offices’, ‘remove significant features of the building’ or ‘add extensive installs’ – which we have accepted on the premise that the venue gets returned to its original state. You never know – we may even keep hold of the new addition if we love it, it’s happened!

We pride ourselves on the logistical support our team provides, making ‘the jump’ to a venue such as Printworks less overwhelming and more appealing. We work to establish our client’s needs and objectives straight away; by understanding our customer it allows the ideal event scenario to unfold for everyone. The venue team implement full transparency from the outset regarding suppliers, budgets, operational delivery and feasibility. Our clients work with a dedicated Sales Manager and Operations Manager to oversee the entire process from enquiry to delivery, ensuring every aspect of the event is covered. 

We genuinely believe Printworks has a hybrid offering, the perfect compromise – all the benefits of a dry hire venue combined with the confidence of working alongside suppliers who understand the venue inside out for an ideal plug and play solution. The ultimate event space for maximum versatility whilst feeling supported and assured that our clients are in safe hands, leaving them to focus on the actual event. 

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