saturday 4 nov
from £22.50
Last Entry 6pm

From £22.50

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Press Halls (A-Z):

Kiasmos (Live)

Mano Le Tough

Patrice Bäumel

Recondite (Live)

Tale Of Us


Charge Bay (A-Z):


Flaminia (Live)

Ossa Di Mare

SHDW & Obscure Shape

Woo York (Live)

saturday 4 nov
from £22.50

From £22.50


Terms and Conditions

In little over a year, Tale Of Us have built their label and party series Afterlife into one of the biggest entities in techno. Following two sold out events at Village Underground last November, Afterlife is back in the UK. Soaring melodica and ethereal sounds, Carmine & Matteo will take you on a journey. Join them on an odyssey through the realm of consciousness.

Also playing are a host of artists who have featured prominently at their party and who compliment their trademark sound.

Recondite is one of the most revered live techno acts on the planet. A true master craftsman – few live acts improvise with his depth and drama. We’re thrilled to be inviting him back for his second Printworks appearance.

Next-up is Irishman, Mano Le Tough. The Maeve boss is known for a nuanced, sometimes downtempo, but always captivating blend of house music. A past collaborator with Tale Of Us, 4th November will mark a rare appearance in the capital.

Also joining this star-studded line-up is a couple of acts who have released singles on the label. First is German artist Patrice Bäumel. Bäumel is known for infusing his sets with raw energy and a sense of adventure. Techno for grown-ups. The second is Vaal, who promises stirring music with spine-tingling melodies and atmospherics.

Playing in the Charge Bay, hosted by Superstition, SHDW & Obscure Shape are a production duo who churn out hit after hit, and last year contributed to the Afterlife V/A compilation.

Kiev-based duo Woo York are our third live act. Their dark and sophisticated sound is right at home on Afterlife. They guarantee to move between pure techno to more leftfield material and back.


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