1. How do I transfer my booking to 2021? 

All existing tickets will automatically be transferred to the new date. 

There’s nothing for you to do if you’ll be keeping your ticket to attend the show in 2021, your ticket agent will be in touch with you with your new ticket early next year. 

All existing ticket holders will also receive a bar tab to the value of £10 to use on the night.

2. What are the dates for the 2021 shows?

Please see below for a full list of the rescheduled dates:

3. Will the line ups stay the same?

Where possible the line-ups will be the same, but please keep an eye on the event pages for the latest information.

4. How do I get a refund?

If you’re unable to attend the new date, and would like a refund:

  1. Refund applications can be made via the form HERE.
  2. You have until 5pm on Tuesday 23rd June to apply for your refund. 

Refunds will be processed by Wednesday 8th July.

5. Can I refund part of my order?

The lead booker is able to split the booking and transfer some tickets and also refund others. To do so please email us at hello@kaboodle.co.uk

6. I’ve bought my ticket from a third party, what should I do?

Please contact your ticket provider, we don’t support 3rd party ticket sales.

7. I’ve booked private accommodation/travel/holiday/other third-party expenses, what do I do? 

Please speak to the travel company or the hotel directly to cancel or reschedule your booking. 

9. I have not received any emails from my ticket provider, what should I do?

Please note this will be sent to the email address used for the original booking. 

The email should have been sent to you by Wednesday 27th of May. Please check your spam or junk folders as occasionally these emails get flagged as such.

If you have still not received an email after checking these folders please contact your ticket provider directly.

10. I want a refund and I no longer have the bank account I paid with.

Contact hello@kaboodle.co.uk to request a form to submit the new bank details which must be filled in along with the refund form.

11. How long does my bar credit last? 

Your £10 bar credit will be available on the night of the rescheduled show you attend.

12. How long before I receive my refund / the funds hit my account?

Refunds will be processed by Wednesday 8th July.

13. What happens if I keep my ticket, but the event still doesn’t go ahead, because of COVID or otherwise. 

If for any reason the 2021 dates are not able to go ahead, we’ll be in touch to provide alternative options for your tickets (including refunds).