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A dominant force in the club music spectrum, Canadian DJ and producer Richie Hawtin has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music and technological vanguard for over three decades with his unique intake on techno, influential labels Minus and Plus 8 as well as his legendary alias Plastikman.

The Canadian DJ and Producer will make his debut at Printworks with his new project From Our Minds and he gave us more details about the concept behind this highly-anticipated show.

No. 1

As the world shifted into a new paradigm through 2020, a distinct effort to increase awareness around underrepresented factions in businesses and industries around the world emerged. The notion of inclusivity, safe spaces, acceptance and unity lies at the core of dance music culture. It’s universally accepted, and understood, that these key pillars are intrinsic to our music but, along the way, they’ve been forgotten.

No. 2

Redressing the balance is now a clear agenda for many. Which leads us to @FromOurMindsOfficial, the next evolutionary step in Richie Hawtin’s lifelong commitment to pushing electronic music forward. As an artist with an unwavering proclivity for reimagining the technosphere, Richie has maintained a visionary outlook from the outset.

No. 3

Following the launch of its label wing in late 2020, From Our Minds debuts as a fully immersive club event at Printworks on 18th December with a suitably progressive lineup. Palestinian @samaabdulhadiofficial, for instance, a young woman who is often referred to as the “queen of the Palestinian techno scene”. She is a prime example of the universal power of techno to bring positive change to peoples’ lives and project oppressed voices onto the global stage.

No. 4

The Detroit fraternity is represented in full effect with @roberthood313, @octaveone, @dj_stingray_313 and @hueymnemonic, four acts who proudly fly the flag for Motor City. Here we have three stalwarts from the 313, who share a historical and social upbringing that connects them right back to the roots of techno and electro.

No. 5

@Clara_cuve comes from the new school, fresh and still building her profile and reputation. Already a highly regarded exponent of the contemporary techno scene, Clara’s incendiary DJ performances have made an impact across the globe, with shows at Panorama Bar, Rex Club and Mondo in Madrid among her high‑profile appearances.

No. 6

Another woman who has blazed a trail in recent years is Brazilian powerhouse @djannaofficial. Like Clara, her dynamic presence and performances have taken her around the globe with club and festival bookings at a long list of influential and iconic venues.

No. 7

This equilibrium is evident throughout the lineup at From Our Minds, holding true to the kaleidoscopic ethos of the brand; old to new, male to female to non‑binary, multi ethnic… Inclusivity, independence, diversity, safety and sustainability are its integral values. The event has a clear aim to celebrate both the history of our music and continue galvanising its bright future; Young modular synth wizard @Colinbenders, Detroit‑based afrofuturist Huey Mnemonic and German bright spark among the youthful performers on the bill who are pushing the music in new directions with their unique perspectives.

No. 8


On that note, there’s also non‑binary artist @LCY__________, who has been a prominent figure on London’s progressive underground since the late 2010s. Their unique take on electronic music, and production prowess, has elevated them to a lofty position among their peers. LCY’s inclusion on the From Our Minds not only represents a nod to local talent, but also shines a light on the broad spectrum of self‑identity that exists within electronic music.

 No. 9

Taking a step back and analysing the lineup in its entirety, there’s a deeper resonance between these artists, a universal bond. Born of the same music heritage, yet they speak different dialects of the same language. They have all emerged from the same source. It’s imbued in the DNA of the musical ecosystem they all occupy and contribute to.

From the mind of each performer is the intention to channel their collective energy into the dance floor, cultivating communion and optimism, connection and community.

 No. 10

We will work with promoters who look to the future with sustainability in the programming, planning and execution of their events.

We will also adopt a policy of camera‑free dance floors, returning to the importance of being present in the moment. Lose yourself and let the music take you away. The dance floor is not only a placey of escape but also a therapeutic space of release and expression. With FROM OUR MINDS we welcome back the freedom that technology has taken away.

‑ An adaptation of words written by @mgoldenbarnes