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We are excited to bring you Inkwells, a brand new space for hire within our iconic Printworks venue.

With colonnades of beaten concrete pillars and a stripped-back, industrial aesthetic including low ceilings and exposed pipework Inkwells offers a raw and versatile new space for filming in Printworks’ iconic venue. Totalling 1,003 square meters of space and a maximum standing capacity of 700, Inkwells provides a more intimate space complementing the stark contrast of the mammoth halls above. Once home to huge ink tanks supplying the giant printing presses that still loom over the Press Halls today, the launch of Inkwells is one of the most significant developments since opening in 2017.

Inkwells, sneakpeak

Inkwells features lighting focused on complimenting the industrial architecture of the room, highlighting the historical ink distribution pipes, pillars, and electrical services within the space, further showcasing the unique edition to Printworks London.

Launching as part of our AW21 music season, we are excited to now invite you to come and recce our new space for hire, perfect for a diverse portfolio of filming opportunities.

For more information about hire opportunities at Printworks, please contact us on 0208 498 4934 or Email: hire@printworkslondon.co.uk.

You can also download the brochure here.