Wednesday 04 Jul


Wednesday 04 Jul

In the world of gaming, is it possible to catch em’ all? Yes, if you attend PLAY Expo at Printworks London this August.

With its cavernous interiors, lofty ceilings and industrial architecture, Printworks London channels the feel of a parallel world; ideal for immersing fans in their alternate gaming universe. The venue’s versatile expanse provides space for all passions. Attendees can expect to discover everything from old-school arcade games, indie treasures to retro-gaming shows.

Guests will have the chance to trial hundreds of consoles, handhelds, computers, arcades, pinballs and PCs all running the exciting sounds and graphics of traditional and modern video games.

Fan of the classics? Expect to find Super Mario Kart, Space Invaders, Sonic the Hedgehog and of course Pokémon in a virtual who’s who of the top games through the ages. With space for hundreds of playable games, families, friends and individuals can switch on and connect to one another.

Taking place across Printworks’ lower warehouses, the venue’s utilitarian look and feel is a match for the festival’s ‘Minecraft’ themed zone. In addition, the venue’s flexible interiors will host an indie zone and dedicated VR and tournament gaming areas.

Large-scale stages provide further entertainment with talks from gaming celebs including John Hare, Ashens and Knightmare Live. The venue’s inclusive adaptability even provides room for a kids versus parents challenge; this is an event for gamers of all levels to enjoy the fun!

What’s more, with the Summer weather at an all-time high, gaming guests can chill out in the sun in Printworks’ outdoor Container Yard. Here, attendees can revive and refresh with foodie -eats whilst taking in the Summer scene. Now that’s the way to get your game on!



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