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After a year of unprecedented change, we’re inviting guests to momentarily place the outside world on pause and return once more to the dance floor. A chance to reconnect with music and friends. 

Music has been a vital escape for many during the last 12 months, and the power music has to bring us together again mustn’t be underestimated. We hope you’ll join us for one weekend in September and embrace a new concept. No line-up announcements, no photos, no media coverage. Just us, you & the music. 

Painstakingly curated over the last year and kept completely secret, artists & agents alike have joined together in supporting our vision of delivering a distraction-free dance. A pure, unblemished return to clubbing. 

Three one-of-a-kind shows over a single weekend. Each show celebrating a section of the dance music spectrum. An opportunity to rediscover the music you love, and introduce yourself to new sounds you may have missed during the shut-down.

A one-off weekend unlike anything we’ve ever done before, a concept we’re excited to experience with you. 

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