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Having been making waves since the 90’s, Booka Shade have had an almost immeasurable influence on club music and have graced the Press Halls more than once. We had a chat with the Get Physical founders on what they’ve been up to during lockdown and they’ve put together a playlist on ‘The Old and The New’.

What was the inspiration behind your playlist selection?

Our approach is sometimes quite eclectic when it comes to playlists and mixes because we’ve heard a lot of music in the last four decades and we‘ve been in the music business for more than 35 years.

That‘s why we called this one, Booka Shade´s ‘The Old With The New’ Playlist – it doesn‘t matter which genre of music you’re listening to, in the end it has to move you.

Looking on the positive side of lockdown, the slower pace and extra time has seen many people finding more creative ways to spend their time. What’s your best ‘positive’ of lockdown?

Arno: While the ‘usual’ work for Booka Shade and the Blaufield label continues during the week, we stopped living for the next weekend or tour and we don‘t waste our time at airports or hotel lobbies at the moment, plus we can spend more time with the family.

Walter: You can sit down and think about what‘s really important in your life and have more time to do the things you haven’t been able to make the time for in ‘normal’ times. 

Is there a particular activity, book, boxset, podcast or something similar that’s helping you pass the time?

Walter: I play table tennis with my son, that‘s a lot of fun and keeps my mind in balance.

I can recommend a documentary called ‘Score’ about the history of American film composers or if you want to make yourself even more paranoid, watch the Netflix series ‘Dirty Money’.

Arno: I really love gardening, it grounds me and I love to be outdoors… the lockdown gave me the opportunity to build an entire ‘Mediterranean garden’ at the back of my house, something I’d normally never have the time for. 

Other than returning to work, what’s the thing you’re looking forward to doing the most once things start getting back to normal?

Walter: I can‘t wait to work on my tennis skills again and have a nice dinner with friends in a fancy restaurant. Simple pleasures we take for granted in normal times. 

Arno: a spontaneous stop at a restaurant is something I miss and I look forward to meeting a lot of our friends around the world. apart from the actual shows, this is something that makes the travels increasingly worth while. 

Is there an organisation, charity or other supportive operation you’d like to shout out?

Apart from our support for PETA, Amnesty and other organisations, this interview certainly gives us the opportunity to say: “Support culture and support your local music scene, many clubs and promoters suffer and need your support. We look forward to seeing everyone out the other side. Stay safe, stay home.” Walter & Arno.