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La Fleur has been telling us what she’s been up to during lockdown and put a few tracks together in her exclusive ‘Ink On Paper’ playlist.

What was the inspiration behind your playlist selection?

I wanted to showcase some off the amazing music I’ve been collecting these last few months without having the chance to try them out on in a club and a dance floor. Everything from warm up tracks, groovers, peak time, feel good tracks, just good music. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Looking on the positive side of lockdown, the slower pace and extra time has seen many people finding more creative ways to spend their time. What’s your best ‘positive’ of lockdown?

In my case the lockdown has been rather the opposite, faster pace and less time on my hands, due to my daughter being at home since day care has been closed for more than two months now here in Berlin.
But that is also the best positive outcome – to have all this time with her! Spending so much time in one place is also good for the soul and I’ve had the time to think creatively about the celebrations for my label Power Plant,
turning 10 years this year.

Is there a particular activity, book, boxset, podcast or something similar that’s helping you pass the time?

As mentioned, it’s rather hard to find time to do all the things I would like to these days haha. But I have been much more active and spent a lot of time outdoor doing sports with my daughter!
Also baking and cooking a lot and finding baking bread is a new unexpected passion of mine.

Other than returning to work, what’s the thing you’re looking forward to doing the most once things start getting back to normal?

Give my friends and family a big hug!

Is there an organisation, charity or other supportive operation you’d like to shout out?

I’ve been supporting the Swedish organisation VI-skogen for a long time, they work through agroforestry. You can support their work with planting trees as well as climate compensate your travels and more.

My record label Power Plant is also planting trees through. https://viskogen.se/