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The King Of Funk, Purple Disco Machine has put together his favourite set openers and had a chat with us about how he’s getting through Lockdown.

What was the inspiration behind your playlist selection?

Really just some of the tracks that over the last few years, I have opened my sets with and a couple that I’m going to be opening my future sets with, maybe ! 

Looking on the positive side of lockdown, the slower pace and extra time has seen many people finding more creative ways to spend their time. What’s your best ‘positive’ of lockdown?

I am never happier than when I’m in the studio making music. So the lockdown has given me so much more time to be there as by this time in the year I am usually on the road playing shows. Before the virus situation, I was building my new studio anyway and I was worried that I might not get it finished before the touring season starts. But I was definitely able to get it done.

Is there a particular activity, book, boxset, podcast or something similar that’s helping you pass the time?

Not really. I’m finishing my second album so I’m definitely not bored in the daytime. At night I’m really happy just to play with my children, who are still young, before they go to bed.

Other than returning to work, what’s the thing you’re looking forward to doing the most once things start getting back to normal?

Watching football. Definitely watching football. I love it and I miss it a lot !

Is there an organisation, charity or other supportive operation you’d like to shout out?

All the health and key workers in every country suffering this situation. They are all doing an amazing job. So a big thank you to them all wherever they are in the world. We are all in it together.