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Printworks London have launched a series of curated playlists available to stream exclusively on Apple Music.

Tune in to #NowPlaying and listen to what’s on repeat in the office, from the artists joining us to our wider influences and inspirations.

Next Ed. is dedicated to new music from up and coming producers; a hub for new sounds in addition to releases from established acts.

Night’s End is your soundtrack for post-show parties, comprised of lower-slung music, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day in the Press Halls.

Finally, In The Press Halls is comprised entirely of your handpicked stand-out dancefloor moments in our venue. Next time you visit us, let us know the tracks you heard In The Press Halls on twitter for a chance for your song choice to be submitted (@printworks_ldn).

You can start a 3 month free trial on Apple Music now to enjoy the playlists.

Listen now via Apple Music.