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From hard-hitting house to ambient electronica, B. Traits has established herself as one of the most versatile artists on the scene championing sounds from across the musical spectrum. The Canadian come Londoner has put together a mindfulness playlist and had a quick chat with us about what she’s been getting up to during Lockdown.

What was the inspiration behind your playlist selection?

This playlist is specifically for soundtracking a moment of calm, for a time when you may need to reset a mood and change the energy in the room. 

Looking on the positive side of lockdown, the slower pace and extra time has seen many people finding more creative ways to spend their time. What’s your best ‘positive’ of lockdown?

My best positive is that I am getting organised again and enjoying all of the free time to properly visualise projects and brainstorm. I also feel like I’m scheduling more time to check in and speak with my family and friends, where as usually we’d all just be so ‘busy busy’, it’s been really nice! 

Is there a particular activity, book, boxset, podcast or something similar that’s helping you pass the time?

I have enrolled myself in a number of online courses! and currently I am learning how to cultivate and grow mushrooms. 

I have also decided to launch a weekly radio/streaming series… which is something I had intended to do post my BBC Radio 1 show, but I hadn’t had the time to focus on it. The quarantine has fast-tracked this and it looks like ill be back on your speakers in no time! 

Other than returning to work, what’s the thing you’re looking forward to doing the most once things start getting back to normal?

Being with other people other than my household members again, I love them dearly but its going to be nice to hug someone other than my partner and mother-in-law. I am also looking forward to being in a restaurant again with nice natural wine. And obviously mainly looking forward to being back on the dancefloor!

Is there an organisation, charity or other supportive operation you’d like to shout out?

I’d like to shout out to Help Musicians and PRS for Music.